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The English Cocker Spaniel

 A tipical gusboral's pup






The merry cocker, as is called, is perfect company for a whole family: he accompanies dad for hunting, he plays with children in the garden. He is a manageable dog, smart and very useful in  gun hunting. No one is better shooing away nested birds in the ground.

The Cocker Spaniel, very popular in United Kingdom, is called "English Cocker" in U. S. and abroad. Sometimes is called "merry cocker" too, because his happy temperament, lively and his wabely tiny tail. 

The cocker origen is still unknown; his lineage is gone back to XIVth Century. Is believed that in many countries was used for falconry. But is clear, it has been in United Kingdom where the breed got his current shape. Today, he is happy hunting rabbits or shooing away birds staying quiet till the shoot is gone, although, he is useful retrieving too, as like work and training competition.

The Cocker knows how to do everything: hunting, guard and companion overall. And do not forget that, groomed with art, is one of the most valued dogs in the Dogs Shows.



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